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Cleaning Your Home’s UPVC the Right Way

UPVC is a wonderful thing to have on your home, whether you’re based in Brentwood or elsewhere in Essex.

It’s extremely versatile, equally suited to cladding, fascias, soffits and gutters. It looks fantastic too, giving your home a modern, clean appearance (assuming it’s been well-looked after). It’s also a particularly resilient material: it’s strong whilst being lightweight, and durable against weathering and long-term corrosion. Finally, it’s eminently affordable; even with all those aforementioned benefits, a full set of UPVC around your home won’t break the bank.

UPVC might just be the closest thing there is to a “perfect” material for your cladding, fascias, and so on. Even this wonderful substance has its drawbacks, however. UPVC might be generally weatherproof – even against our often-harsh Great British climate – but over time even it will start to lose its sheen. That brilliant clean, white appearance will start to darken with grime, and nasty, unwanted things like mildew and mould will inevitably begin to build up.

Of course, you can try to take the DIY approach to keeping your UPVC clean. It’s certainly a worthy aim, but – as seasoned professionals here at Revive Cleaning & Maintenance – we warn you that there are some drawbacks!

Firstly, it’s unlikely you’ll come across the right materials for the job. There are lots of cheap and cheerful products you can buy, which claim they’ll get your UPVC clean; in reality, however, they almost always come up short. Secondly, unless you’ve had professional training in UPVC cleaning (which… we’re guessing you haven’t!), you can ultimately do more harm than good to your fascias and soffits, on your home or your conservatory. You can end up scratching or otherwise harming the surfaces; if the damage is severe enough, you’ll then have to call in the professionals anyway to restore them for you! Thirdly and finally, you’re not only putting your home at risk; you’re putting yourself in danger too. Going up ladders to clean your lofty UPVC fascias and soffits is extremely risky, for obvious reasons.

We hope you can see that, whilst admirable, the DIY route is not the smartest one you can take. “So, what should I do then?” we hear you ask. Call in Revive Cleaning and Restoration Ltd, of course; Essex’s premier UPVC cleaning company!

With Revive on your side, all those aforementioned worries can melt away. We have all the professional-level tools needed to carry out the best possible job, including degreasers which are specifically designed for hard surfaces like UPVC soffits and fascias. All of our staff are extremely highly trained, and able to give your UPVC surfaces – including those on your conservatory – a good clean, without causing damage. Finally, we have full public liability insurance; in the unlikely event that something bad does happen, you certainly won’t be on the hook for the costs.

So if your UPVC surfaces are looking a little shabby, and you want your home to sparkle once again, don’t mess around with the DIY approach. Simply call in the professionals at Revive Cleaning & Restoration, sit back, and relax. Whether you’re based in Brentwood or anywhere else in Essex, we’ll have your UPVC looking back to its best in no time.

To get in touch with Revive Cleaning & Restoration Ltd now, just give us a call on 07769 894398, or message us online here.

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adminCleaning Your Home’s UPVC the Right Way

Revive Cleaning & Maintenance – Essex’s Number One Gutter Cleaning Company

Did you know that there are over 1.8 million people living in the county of Essex alone? That makes it one of the ten most populous counties in the entire United Kingdom. To the staff here at Essex-based Revive Cleaning & Maintenance, that’s more than just a simple statistic.

When we hear that fact, we think two things: firstly, that’s a heck of a lot of houses; and secondly, that’s a whole lot of gutters that need clearing and cleaning! Maybe that’s a little strange, but we think it simply shows our passion for – and borderline obsession with – our job!

Either way, there’s a lot of professional gutter cleaning work to be done in Essex and, therefore, a lot of outfits – in Brentwood and elsewhere in the county – who are battling it out for that work. Here at Revive Cleaning & Maintenance, we don’t just regard ourselves as one of those outfits; we believe that we’re right at the top of the pile.

Claiming to be Essex’s number one gutter cleaning and clearing company is a big claim to make. It’s also one, however, that we’re more than happy to back up.

Firstly, we have the class-leading equipment that’s needed to achieve truly exceptional results. Primarily, we make use of an extremely powerful GutterVac. We love this piece of kit because it doesn’t just get rid of all the moss, leaves and other detritus that builds up in your gutters over time; it does so at range! Our GutterVac can reach up to four floors, and can easily clear the gutters of your conservatory as well as the rest of your home. That means we rarely need to use ladders to carry out our work, vastly reducing the risk to both your lovely home, and our lovely staff!

We don’t call it a day just because your gutters appear to be clear, though. After we’ve finished that part of the job, we’ll then flush through your gutters to check them for any leaks. If we do happen to discover any leaking brackets, downpipes or joints, then we can take care of those for you too! We’ll do our best to repair them – or, if needs be, replace them entirely – ourselves, without any need for you to call in a whole new company.

That all sounds pretty good, right? Well, we’re not finished yet! Just to make you completely sure we’ve done a good job, we’ll take before and after photos of our work, to show you that your gutters are looking as good as new again. Not only that, but all of our work is guaranteed for an entire year after we’ve finished; in the highly unlikely event you become unhappy with our work during this time period, we’ll gladly come out to your home again and fix the problem.

In truth, we could talk for hours on this subject; we’re a confident bunch here at Revive Cleaning and Maintenance Limited! We do hope, however, that you can see already that this isn’t just idle boasting; our words are backed up entirely by our actions. So if you’d like to call the best gutter clearing and cleaning company not just in Brentwood, but in wider Essex too, simply get in touch with us now. To do so, call 07769 894398 or message us online here. We’re very much looking forward to hearing from you!

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adminRevive Cleaning & Maintenance – Essex’s Number One Gutter Cleaning Company