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Driveway and footpath cleaning experts in Essex

The recommended schedule for getting your driveway and paths professionally cleaned is annually but this can vary depending on the amount of use it gets, the type of plants and trees surrounding it, and it even makes a difference if the area is shaded because moss & algae grow quicker when out of direct sunlight.

Driveway cleaning is not all about aesthetics – although it is important as one of the first things people see when they pass or visit your home or business. Dirty footpaths get slippery in the rain, so regular cleaning makes the whole area safer as well as easier on the eye. The same goes for cleaning footpaths, which generally pick up a lot of grime over the year from people walking on them as well as dirt and grime from the surrounding area and environment. If you live in the Brentwood, Shenfield or Wickford areas of Essex we would be happy to give you a free quote for getting your driveway professionally cleaned.

Using pressure washing for driveway cleaning and footpath cleaning means that every area of the drive will be clear of grime, moss, algae & lichen – the powerful water jets get deep into every nook and cranny. By using high pressure cleaning methods, many types of stains and marks that have adhered to the surface can easily be removed, usually without the need for and chemicals detergents at all! Restoring your footpaths and driveway can make the outside of your building stand out for all of the right reasons and we’re confident we can restore them to their former glory.

If you live in Brentwood, Shenfield or Wickford areas of Essex Revive Cleaning Services can help in many other areas of the exterior of your property. We provide a professional window cleaning service that will have your windows gleaming in no time! We can help make your property look brighter from top to bottom with our high reach ladder-less window cleaning system – and using a professional window cleaner for your home will stop you from taking unnecessary risks, or even falling from a ladder when trying to do it yourself.

Revive Cleaning Services also clean conservatories, clean gutters, roofs, walls and much more throughout Brentwood, Shenfield or Wickford areas of Essex, restoring them like new again.

Most people clean the inside of their property on a regular basis and put off the exterior till the summer months. During this time a lot of dirt can build up and it can be a bigger job than you thought to clean it. Not having the professional tools will make it difficult, dangerous and for many impossible to get the results that a professional can give you. Whether you are unable, don’t have the time or just want to revive the outside of your home, we can help you to make your tired building look new again.

adminDriveway and footpath cleaning experts in Essex
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