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Revive Window Cleaning Essex offers Expert Gutter Cleaning and Roof Soft Washing.

Gutter cleaning is an essential but tricky job; if it is not done it can lead to water overflowing down your walls allowing damp and mould to develop in the house but if you do it yourself you are likely to end up climbing ladders, which as we all know is a dangerous occupation. Roof cleaning is even trickier because if you do it by hand you will need to be climbing about on roof ladders. Another problem is that if a roof is power washed the wrong way water can shoot up under the tiles where it could enter the attic. We at Revive Gutter Cleaning Essex are experts at cleaning both roofs and gutters so why not save yourself all the risks and leave it to us?

We at Revive are professional roof cleaners and will always use the right method for your particular roof. Also if needed we can apply a Smart Seal sealant that is guaranteed to protect the roof for ten years; this can give you great peace of mind especially with more winter storms still ahead of us.

When it comes to looking after your gutters, Revive Gutter Cleaning Essex offers an expert service for domestic and commercial customers which is mainly conducted from the ground. Obviously there are times when we have to climb ladders such as when you need us to repair the guttering or downpipes but generally we have the latest equipment like a gutter vac that saves us climbing ladders at all. The gutter vac is a handy piece of kit that can send pictures of your guttering back to the people on the ground both before and after the job is done so that you can see for yourself what does and does not need doing.

If you need your roof cleaned, especially if you have a moss problem it is best to sort that out before clearing the gutters as a lot of debris and dead moss could end up in your guttering. This time of year is ideal to have your gutters cleaned as they are probably full of dead autumn leaves and of course we have already had a lot of rain with much more likely to come. Gutter cleaning is the kind of job that offers real value for money as it can save you a lot in costly repairs. We recommend that you have your gutters cleaned before problems show up but if you haven’t had them emptied for a while It is easy enough to figure out if you have an immediate problem, all you have to do is inspect the guttering while it is raining and you will most likely see if it is overflowing.

We at Revive Gutter Cleaning Essex are happy to give you a free, no obligation quote for gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, driveway cleaning or window cleaning and we operate in Brentford, Billericay, Chelmsford, Romford and all over the county of Essex so why delay?

Ring us today on: 07769 894398

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adminRevive Window Cleaning Essex offers Expert Gutter Cleaning and Roof Soft Washing.

Cleaning Your Home’s UPVC the Right Way

UPVC is a wonderful thing to have on your home, whether you’re based in Brentwood or elsewhere in Essex.

It’s extremely versatile, equally suited to cladding, fascias, soffits and gutters. It looks fantastic too, giving your home a modern, clean appearance (assuming it’s been well-looked after). It’s also a particularly resilient material: it’s strong whilst being lightweight, and durable against weathering and long-term corrosion. Finally, it’s eminently affordable; even with all those aforementioned benefits, a full set of UPVC around your home won’t break the bank.

UPVC might just be the closest thing there is to a “perfect” material for your cladding, fascias, and so on. Even this wonderful substance has its drawbacks, however. UPVC might be generally weatherproof – even against our often-harsh Great British climate – but over time even it will start to lose its sheen. That brilliant clean, white appearance will start to darken with grime, and nasty, unwanted things like mildew and mould will inevitably begin to build up.

Of course, you can try to take the DIY approach to keeping your UPVC clean. It’s certainly a worthy aim, but – as seasoned professionals here at Revive Cleaning & Maintenance – we warn you that there are some drawbacks!

Firstly, it’s unlikely you’ll come across the right materials for the job. There are lots of cheap and cheerful products you can buy, which claim they’ll get your UPVC clean; in reality, however, they almost always come up short. Secondly, unless you’ve had professional training in UPVC cleaning (which… we’re guessing you haven’t!), you can ultimately do more harm than good to your fascias and soffits, on your home or your conservatory. You can end up scratching or otherwise harming the surfaces; if the damage is severe enough, you’ll then have to call in the professionals anyway to restore them for you! Thirdly and finally, you’re not only putting your home at risk; you’re putting yourself in danger too. Going up ladders to clean your lofty UPVC fascias and soffits is extremely risky, for obvious reasons.

We hope you can see that, whilst admirable, the DIY route is not the smartest one you can take. “So, what should I do then?” we hear you ask. Call in Revive Cleaning and Restoration Ltd, of course; Essex’s premier UPVC cleaning company!

With Revive on your side, all those aforementioned worries can melt away. We have all the professional-level tools needed to carry out the best possible job, including degreasers which are specifically designed for hard surfaces like UPVC soffits and fascias. All of our staff are extremely highly trained, and able to give your UPVC surfaces – including those on your conservatory – a good clean, without causing damage. Finally, we have full public liability insurance; in the unlikely event that something bad does happen, you certainly won’t be on the hook for the costs.

So if your UPVC surfaces are looking a little shabby, and you want your home to sparkle once again, don’t mess around with the DIY approach. Simply call in the professionals at Revive Cleaning & Restoration, sit back, and relax. Whether you’re based in Brentwood or anywhere else in Essex, we’ll have your UPVC looking back to its best in no time.

To get in touch with Revive Cleaning & Restoration Ltd now, just give us a call on 07769 894398, or message us online here.

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adminCleaning Your Home’s UPVC the Right Way

Revive Cleaning & Maintenance – Essex’s Number One Gutter Cleaning Company

Did you know that there are over 1.8 million people living in the county of Essex alone? That makes it one of the ten most populous counties in the entire United Kingdom. To the staff here at Essex-based Revive Cleaning & Maintenance, that’s more than just a simple statistic.

When we hear that fact, we think two things: firstly, that’s a heck of a lot of houses; and secondly, that’s a whole lot of gutters that need clearing and cleaning! Maybe that’s a little strange, but we think it simply shows our passion for – and borderline obsession with – our job!

Either way, there’s a lot of professional gutter cleaning work to be done in Essex and, therefore, a lot of outfits – in Brentwood and elsewhere in the county – who are battling it out for that work. Here at Revive Cleaning & Maintenance, we don’t just regard ourselves as one of those outfits; we believe that we’re right at the top of the pile.

Claiming to be Essex’s number one gutter cleaning and clearing company is a big claim to make. It’s also one, however, that we’re more than happy to back up.

Firstly, we have the class-leading equipment that’s needed to achieve truly exceptional results. Primarily, we make use of an extremely powerful GutterVac. We love this piece of kit because it doesn’t just get rid of all the moss, leaves and other detritus that builds up in your gutters over time; it does so at range! Our GutterVac can reach up to four floors, and can easily clear the gutters of your conservatory as well as the rest of your home. That means we rarely need to use ladders to carry out our work, vastly reducing the risk to both your lovely home, and our lovely staff!

We don’t call it a day just because your gutters appear to be clear, though. After we’ve finished that part of the job, we’ll then flush through your gutters to check them for any leaks. If we do happen to discover any leaking brackets, downpipes or joints, then we can take care of those for you too! We’ll do our best to repair them – or, if needs be, replace them entirely – ourselves, without any need for you to call in a whole new company.

That all sounds pretty good, right? Well, we’re not finished yet! Just to make you completely sure we’ve done a good job, we’ll take before and after photos of our work, to show you that your gutters are looking as good as new again. Not only that, but all of our work is guaranteed for an entire year after we’ve finished; in the highly unlikely event you become unhappy with our work during this time period, we’ll gladly come out to your home again and fix the problem.

In truth, we could talk for hours on this subject; we’re a confident bunch here at Revive Cleaning and Maintenance Limited! We do hope, however, that you can see already that this isn’t just idle boasting; our words are backed up entirely by our actions. So if you’d like to call the best gutter clearing and cleaning company not just in Brentwood, but in wider Essex too, simply get in touch with us now. To do so, call 07769 894398 or message us online here. We’re very much looking forward to hearing from you!

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adminRevive Cleaning & Maintenance – Essex’s Number One Gutter Cleaning Company

The Best Way to Clean Your Gutters

Have you ever tried to clean your own gutters?

If you’re like most people, you drag your ladder out of the tool shed once in a blue moon, question its reliability, and climb up a few steps to peer into your gutter and pick out the stray tennis ball or cluster of leaves.

However, if you’re being honest with yourself, you know that you don’t do this often enough and, without the help of a professional, this method is not efficient enough to thoroughly clean your gutters. If you have this creeping suspicion, we’re here to tell you that you’re right. Not only is this method inefficient, but it is actually quite dangerous, which is why you shouldn’t do it at all! We have a better solution.

Gutter cleaning is necessary if you want your house to remain in pristine condition. This has always been the case and will continue to be true indefinitely. But the methods that we use to clean gutters has shifted with the introduction of new technology. Long gone are the days of climbing onto precariously perched ladders to haphazardly clean your gutters. This is 2017.

We have advanced in gutter cleaning technology and can offer much safer, more efficient alternatives to the traditional method of cleaning. One of the most popular such methods is the guttervac system. The guttervac system is a ladderless gutter cleaning method, which ensures safety and removes the risk of property damage. It has completely revolutionized external gutter cleaning.

If you aren’t quite able to picture a Guttervac machine, just envision a large vacuum with an incredibly long hose. Guttervac machines are incredibly efficient for gutter cleaning because they can reach high gutters while the worker remains on the ground. Revive Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd. prioritizes the safety of both its workers and its customers’ homes. Guttervac machines keep workers safe because they don’t have to climb tall ladders to reach inside of gutters. Additionally, customers’ homes won’t be damaged by unnecessary ladder use.

Revive Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd. is the premier provider of exterior property cleaning services in the greater Essex area. We have been in business for many years, which has allowed us to become familiar with all kinds of cleaning products and tools. Our many years of experience in the exterior cleaning industry means that we have been able to try out these different items and find what works best to clean our customers’ homes.

Revive Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd. is a family-run business and we treat our customers like they are part of the family. We strive for high customer satisfaction rates and are always reliable, efficient and professional.

Give us a call today so you can see for yourself why Guttervac machines are the most efficient way to clean your gutters!

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adminThe Best Way to Clean Your Gutters

Why Cleaning Your Gutters is Important 

When is the last time you had a good look at your gutters? We don’t mean the last time you looked up at your gutters, but rather when is the last time you climbed onto your ladder and looked in your gutters?

You probably don’t remember the last time you did this. We sure hope you don’t do this often! Ladders can be pretty dangerous, especially if you aren’t careful. Besides, we can probably tell you what your gutters look like without you needing to take a look yourself. If you haven’t had your gutters professionally cleaned lately, which most people haven’t, it probably looks a little something like this: filled with dirt and stray toys and blocked with clumps of wet, mucky leaves. Not only is this description unappealing, but it can cause several problems for your home.

Gutter cleaning is so important for any homeowner. We know that you may have many pressing matters to tend to when it comes to home maintenance, but neglecting your gutters could backfire. Gutter cleaning is crucial because if you don’t make sure that your gutters are clear and rid of all obstructions, it can lead to water ingress which will eventually cause damage to your property.

Water ingress is when water seeps into the fabric of your building. You may think that this is unlikely to happen since your gutters are on the outside of your home. However, it is already November. We are at the end of autumn and on the brink of winter, which means that Essex and the surrounding areas have been hammered with rain storms and have seen the trees already change colors and shed their leaves. The winds that pick up during this time of the year carry the stray leaves into your gutters and the rains dampen these leaves, making them stick.

When these clumps of damp leaves fill your gutters, they can weigh your gutters down and become so wet that the water actually seeps from the gutters to the roof or walls of your home. Ironically, the entire point of gutters is to control the flow of rainwater off of your roof and direct it to the ground. However, if you don’t have your gutters professionally cleaned often, the opposite effect will occur. This water ingress can cause substantial damage that is quite expensive to fix.

Gutter cleaning should be performed by a professional, usually twice a year, in autumn and spring.

But why do gutters need to be cleaned professionally? Firstly, climbing onto ladders to clean your own gutters can be dangerous for both your own safety as well as the condition of your home. Ladders easily scuff walls when they are used and, if not stable enough, can move underneath you.

Professional exterior cleaning companies like Revive Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd. is trained to ensure high levels of safety when they work. In fact, we have full Public Liability Insurance to guarantee the safety of our workers and our customers. We can guarantee high quality services along with safety. We clean all gutters by hand and even fix leaking joints, as well as flush gutters through to test for leaks.

Our work is guaranteed, so if anything goes wrong, we will come back immediately to fix the problem. What else could you possibly want in a professional exterior cleaning company?

Give Revive Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd. a call today for more information on our gutter cleaning services and why they are so important.

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adminWhy Cleaning Your Gutters is Important