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Cleaning Your Home’s UPVC the Right Way

UPVC is a wonderful thing to have on your home, whether you’re based in Brentwood or elsewhere in Essex.

It’s extremely versatile, equally suited to cladding, fascias, soffits and gutters. It looks fantastic too, giving your home a modern, clean appearance (assuming it’s been well-looked after). It’s also a particularly resilient material: it’s strong whilst being lightweight, and durable against weathering and long-term corrosion. Finally, it’s eminently affordable; even with all those aforementioned benefits, a full set of UPVC around your home won’t break the bank.

UPVC might just be the closest thing there is to a “perfect” material for your cladding, fascias, and so on. Even this wonderful substance has its drawbacks, however. UPVC might be generally weatherproof – even against our often-harsh Great British climate – but over time even it will start to lose its sheen. That brilliant clean, white appearance will start to darken with grime, and nasty, unwanted things like mildew and mould will inevitably begin to build up.

Of course, you can try to take the DIY approach to keeping your UPVC clean. It’s certainly a worthy aim, but – as seasoned professionals here at Revive Cleaning & Maintenance – we warn you that there are some drawbacks!

Firstly, it’s unlikely you’ll come across the right materials for the job. There are lots of cheap and cheerful products you can buy, which claim they’ll get your UPVC clean; in reality, however, they almost always come up short. Secondly, unless you’ve had professional training in UPVC cleaning (which… we’re guessing you haven’t!), you can ultimately do more harm than good to your fascias and soffits, on your home or your conservatory. You can end up scratching or otherwise harming the surfaces; if the damage is severe enough, you’ll then have to call in the professionals anyway to restore them for you! Thirdly and finally, you’re not only putting your home at risk; you’re putting yourself in danger too. Going up ladders to clean your lofty UPVC fascias and soffits is extremely risky, for obvious reasons.

We hope you can see that, whilst admirable, the DIY route is not the smartest one you can take. “So, what should I do then?” we hear you ask. Call in Revive Cleaning and Restoration Ltd, of course; Essex’s premier UPVC cleaning company!

With Revive on your side, all those aforementioned worries can melt away. We have all the professional-level tools needed to carry out the best possible job, including degreasers which are specifically designed for hard surfaces like UPVC soffits and fascias. All of our staff are extremely highly trained, and able to give your UPVC surfaces – including those on your conservatory – a good clean, without causing damage. Finally, we have full public liability insurance; in the unlikely event that something bad does happen, you certainly won’t be on the hook for the costs.

So if your UPVC surfaces are looking a little shabby, and you want your home to sparkle once again, don’t mess around with the DIY approach. Simply call in the professionals at Revive Cleaning & Restoration, sit back, and relax. Whether you’re based in Brentwood or anywhere else in Essex, we’ll have your UPVC looking back to its best in no time.

To get in touch with Revive Cleaning & Restoration Ltd now, just give us a call on 07769 894398, or message us online here.

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adminCleaning Your Home’s UPVC the Right Way

The Premiere Provider of Gutter Clearing Services

At Revive Cleaning and Maintenance, we offer a plethora of exterior property cleaning services that cover everything from window cleaning to UPVC cleaning.

Based in Brentwood, we service the surrounding areas including Essex, Chelmsford, Romford, Loughton and Billericay. When asked about the important types of exterior property cleaning services, most people would mention window cleaning, driveway cleaning and maybe even roof cleaning. However, many people forget about the importance of cleaning their gutters! Revive Cleaning and Maintenance is the premiere provider of gutter clearing services in the greater Essex area and we are here to help.

Do you know how often you are supposed to get your gutters professionally checked to avoid blockages? Twice a year. If gutters aren’t checked at least twice per year, leaves and moss can block the gutters, which can lead to high repair bills. Gutter blockage can lead to water leaking from the gutters onto your walls and the foundation of your home and can also cause the gutter itself to fall from your property. Water damage can be surprisingly costly to fix and gutters are integral to the well-being of your home. Without a gutter, you will not be able to control the flow of rainwater off of your roof or protect your walls and ceilings from water damage.

Most people clean their gutters themselves occasionally, so they feel that they have no need for professional gutter clearing services. However, many people underestimate the amount of work that goes into properly clearing gutters and they end up not cleaning theirs thoroughly enough. This can lead to severe damage, as mentioned earlier. So why hire a professional to provide gutter clearing services? What can professionals do that you can’t?

Not only do we clear your gutters by hand, but we also repair them. We fix any leaking joints, brackets or downpipes. If we can’t repair the problem, we can completely replace the damaged part. We also flush through all of the gutters that we service to ensure that there are no leaks that went unnoticed. In order to ensure high customer satisfaction, we also take before and after pictures of the gutters that we clean and guarantee our work for up to one year.

Revive Cleaning and Maintenance goes above and beyond what most other exterior property cleaning service providers are willing to provide. We recognize the importance of gutter clearing services and know that, in order to provide high quality services to our customers, the job cannot be rushed or done half heartedly. We care so much about customer service that we even offer free site surveys and advice to properties within a 10 mile radius of Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood, Essex.

As you can tell by this article, clearing your gutters is incredibly important if you want to preserve the condition of your home. Neglecting to hire professionals to clear your gutters, or only cleaning them partly yourself, can result in both property damage and high repair costs. What are you waiting for?

Give Revive Cleaning and Maintenance a call today. We would love to answer any of your questions.

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adminThe Premiere Provider of Gutter Clearing Services

The Importance of UPVC Cleaning Services

You may be well versed in the importance of clearing your gutters regularly, but have you considered UPVC Cleaning Services?

At Revive Cleaning and Maintenance, we take UPVC Cleaning very seriously. We offer several exterior property cleaning services in the greater Essex area including window cleaning, gutter clearing and UPVC cleaning services. UPVC cleaning is crucial to keeping your home looking its best.

UPVC cleaning involves the cleaning and whitening of the gutters, as well as the fascia board and soffit behind the gutters. It can also include the cleaning and whitening of any UPVC cladding that is located around dormer windows and porches. Hiring professionals to provide UPVC cleaning services is essential – we’re trained to work at height and have the equipment to do it safely. As professional cleaners, we already have all of the right equipment and chemicals needed to tackle UPVC cleaning. Not to mention, at Revive Cleaning and Maintenance, we have significant experience doing so. UPVC cleaning could be an extremely difficult, time consuming and potentially dangerous job for anyone not familiar with it.

We offer two options when it comes to UPVC cleaning services. The first option involves washing down the gutters, fascia board and soffit with a degreaser designed specifically for these surfaces. The surfaces will then be left to dry naturally. By washing these areas down with a degreaser, it will clean deep to remove all surface dirt and dust, but also traffic film and stains to leave a completely white, clean finish. The second option also includes washing the necessary areas with a degreaser, but the areas are then dried by hand and polished with a UPVC restorer. This is typically a specially designed cream cleaner. In addition to one of the above options, when you request UPVC cleaning services from us, we also include thorough cleaning of your gutters both inside and out, and the cleaning of your windows – both the glass and frames.

As you can tell, at Revive Cleaning and Maintenance, we take a very thorough approach to UPVC cleaning. We value the satisfaction of our customers so we put in the extra effort. UPVC cleaning is necessary because your gutters and the surrounding area are incredibly visible aspects of your home. Friends, neighbors and visitors will notice if this area appears dirty, especially if you are sure to clean the rest of the exterior of your home.

Are you convinced yet of the importance of UPVC cleaning services? Revive Cleaning and Maintenance services the areas of Essex, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Romford, Loughton and Billericay. Feel free to give us a call today with any questions you may have. If you are located within 10 miles of Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood, Essex, we will come assess your property for free.

We offer a wide range of high quality exterior property cleaning services at affordable rates. Enquire today about how we can best service your property cleaning needs.

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adminThe Importance of UPVC Cleaning Services