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Clean Up Outside For A Quick Sale

spinning. One thing is for sure though, regardless of if and how you decide to make any improvement on the inside of your house prior to a sale, the outside should definitely look its best as your house hits the market.

Your front garden, driveway, front door and windows are the first thing a buyer will see when they approach and can set the tone for the rest of the viewing. Even if your house is immaculate inside, you potential buyer will be so busy thinking about how much work they will need to put into the external appearance of the property, they may not take in all the palatial grandeur inside.

To help give yourself an advantage over other homeowners selling in your area, we’ve devised a few helpful tips to get the outside of your home “sale ready”.


Newly fitted windows always looks superb. Of course, its not practical to just install a load of new windows prior to selling your house, and it’s usually not financially viable. But there are things you can do to make you windows look as good as they can. Clean them – obvious as this sounds, cleaning not just the glass but all the the surrounding area including frames and sils can make a huge difference. Not least, because you’ll be able to see your potential buyers wandering up your drive! Internal cleaning is easy enough and probably already part of your cleaning routine, but do not overlook the outside. You can wipe all around lower frames and panels yourself, but you can always have a professional window cleaner come and reach your first floor windows.


Gutters can easily get blocked by moss and leaves. Having them cleaned not only makes them look much better but can also prevent them getting blocked, which can lead to leaks and breakages. A professional company will come and clean and remove any debris. You should also look at replacing or repairing any broken or damaged bits of guttering. Good guttering looks great, broken or blocked gutters just look grim!


Driveways come in all shapes, sizes and conditions and your much maligned parking space may have taken some tough treatment over the years. Most types of paving can be cleaned by steam cleaning and can bring up paving to look lovely and just like new. At the very least, driveways that are free of weeds and look clean make a property look tidy. Pay attention if you can to any particularly nasty bits like oil spots or chipped or broken pieces of paving. Clean and repair where you can. If you have a concrete or asphalt driveway that you feel will never look shiny and new, perhaps consider having some shingle laid instead. Shingle is practical and fashionable and will give you a nice crunchy posh-sounding entrance to your castle.

Front Door

Have a little look at your front door. You no doubt use it everyday, but you probably never give its condition a second thought. Does it look smart? If not, buy a new doorknob (£35), brass letterbox (£25) or a stainless steel house number (£5-£25). If you are feeling uninspired, have a drive or wander around your local area and see if you can pick up any ideas that way.

Front Gardens

If you are lucky enough to have a front garden, give it a good tidy up prior to putting your house on the market. Mowing the lawn, weeding the borders and tidying up any potted plants can make your garden look tidy and well cared for.

At Revive Cleaning we offer a Full Exterior House Valet that can leave your entire entrance area looking shiny and new. Of course, you may still need to crack on with your gardening but we can take all the hard work out of cleaning windows, doors, driveways, gutters and sofits, cladding, gables, painted walls and all different kinds of paving. Call us on 01277 724593

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