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Clean Your Gutters In Time For Autumn

expensive and difficult to repair leaks and splits from your guttering and downpipes.

So, before the cold weather sets in, what should you do to keep your gutters working to their optimal efficiency?

1.   Check For Leaks And Defects

It is important to check that your guttering has no leaks.  This is easy to do when it rains.  As the heavens open, take a walk around your property and check for any leaks.  Pay extra attention to joints, corners, ends and outlets.  These are the trouble areas that most often start to perish over time.  Leaking gutters can cause problems ranging from anything from an annoying drip, to a small flood.  A leak that continues for an extended period of time can result in damage to walls, foundations, and in extreme cases can cause damp to spread to the interior of your property. You may also suffer from damage to woodwork, UPVC gutters and fascia’s should you not repair a water leak in good time.

2.  Check The Brackets and Joins

Your guttering should have been affixed to your property using brackets and joins when it was first installed.  Over time, brackets can come loose.  Loose brackets can lead to your guttering and pipework coming away from the supporting structures and can lead to pipes and guttering bending and even moving over a period of time.  Obviously anything that is not property affixed to your property runs the risk of coming down completely, which will lead to you needing to completely replacing whole areas of pipework.

3. Keep Your Gutter Clear Of Leaves

It is important to clean your guttering twice a year where possible.  This becomes even more important if your property is surrounded by or close to large trees as leaves are the main culprit for blocked guttering.  Moss can also become a problem with guttering, so even if you live in a more urban environment, cleaning them out is still vitally important.

The beginning of the summer is generally the best time for clearing out your gutters as this will ensure that you have time to repair any leaks or breakages before  the inclement Autumn weather sets in again.

You can opt to clean your gutters yourself, but you MUST consider all the safety elements of reaching high placed areas prior to beginning.  Most homeowners opt instead to call a professional in to complete the task for them.

At Revive Cleaning we offer a comprehensive gutter cleaning service.  We will attend  your property and undertake the following:

  • Clean all your guttering by hand
  • Repair or replace any leaking joints, brackets and downpipes
  • Flush through all gutters and test for leaks following repair and clean

Not only will we repair and clean your guttering, we also take before and after photographs so you can be sure that our work has been carried out to a high standard. You can rest assured in the knowledge that all our work is guaranteed for 1 year.
We offer a free, no-obligation appraisal, to any property based within a 10 mile radius of Pilgrims Hatch. To book, please call us on 01277 724593

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