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Expert Roof Cleaning & Sealing Services In Brentwood

spare it a glance – until one day they suddenly realise just how bad it has become!
Maybe someone in your street had their roof cleaned, or one of your friends did, and now you see what a huge difference it can make, and just how dirty your roof is!

At Revive we specialise in roof cleaning, as well as re-sealing and re-colouring with SmartSeal products. SmartSeal offer some of the most durable roof sealants on the market, and their products all come with an amazing 10 year guarantee. There is a wide range of colours to choose from so we can usually find a very close match to the original roof colour – or you can even change things up a bit and go for something a little brighter!

So what is it that makes your roof so dirty?

In the UK, it’s usually a mixture of moss, lichen and algae – they thrive in damp conditions and take hold worse in shaded areas and on north facing roofs where they’re protected from direct sunlight.

While these growths are initially just a bit unsightly, in the long term they can cause damage to your roof surface – eating away at the protective coating on the surface of your tiles and allowing water to soak in, making them vulnerable to cracking and other frost damage.

Simply keeping your roof clean can prevent costly repairs, and extend the lifespan of your roof, while helping your whole home to look and feel amazing too. We offer a range of cleaning options to suit all types of roof surface and all levels of moss growth, from a simple biocide spray to kill the moss and slowly allow the roof to naturally clean over a few months, to roof pressure washing services that give instant results.

Whatever your needs may be, call the experts at Revive Cleaning today and we’ll be happy to visit you at your convenience, take a proper look at your roof, and provide you with a competitive quotation for the work you need. We won’t try to sell you anything you don’t want or need, and we never pressure sell our services. We can even provide references from other people near you who now have amazing looking roofs thanks to Revive!

Contact our friendly team on 07769 894398 for a no-obligation quotation or to book your clean today!

adminExpert Roof Cleaning & Sealing Services In Brentwood
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