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Revive your roof and protect your whole home!

and lichen thrive in the moist conditions down south, and growths are especially rampant in shaded areas and north facing roofs that don’t get much direct sunlight.

As well as looking a mess, a dirty roof can actually lead to other problems. The growths eat away at the surface of roof tiles, letting rainwater soak in, which can expand and crack the tile next time there is a sharp frost.

Simple cleaning and maintenance of your roof can keep your home looking beautiful and protect against leaks and water damage when tiles fail – prevention is always better that cure – but it’s not a job that’s easy to do yourself! Because of the height and associated risks involved, specialist equipment is needed and this is a job best left to the professionals.

We offer a few different options for roof cleaning and have solutions to fit almost any type of roof tile and building type. We’ve got the experience and training to know which solution is best for your individual home, and we won’t try to sell you any extras that you don’t need.

The three main options for cleaning a roof are:

Spray-on biocide algae & moss treatment – this fantastic treatment is a simple and effective way to maintain a roof if it’s caught early enough. The treatment is simply sprayed on and left, and it immediately starts to kill the algae, moss & lichen. The dead vegetation breaks down naturally over the course of 2 or 3 months and is washed away with each downpour of rain.

Pressure washing – If there is a lot of moss on your roof, or if you need to see immediate results pressure washing is the answer. We can remove even the heaviest matting of moss very quickly this way and reveal a roof that looks almost like new – but if the moss has eaten away at the surface of your roof tile, pressure washing may reveal patches where the protective surface is damaged, and with some types of roof tiles that means the colour will also be patchy. We have the solution to that too!

Re-colour and re-seal your roof – In cases where your roof surface has already been damaged by moss, we can apply a new protective seal and colour to the roof. We are SmartSeal registered installers, and can advise which sealer would be best for your roof. A wide range of col-ours are available to match your existing roof (Or even brighten it up a little if you prefer!) and all SmartSeal products are backed by a 10 year guarantee!
Revive Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd offer an extensive range of cleaning services across Es-sex, including:

  • Window cleaning
  • Driveway and patio cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • UPVC restoration
  • Full exterior house valets

Take a look at our website to read testimonials from our delighted customers from Brentwood, Laindon, Sheffield, Doddinghurst, Billericayand and surrounding areas.

Call us today for a no-obligation quote – your roof will thank you for it!

adminRevive your roof and protect your whole home!
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